Advanced Related Products

Show multiple groups of related products on the same product page

Upsells & Cross Sells

£36.00 / month

Recurring and usage-based charges are billed monthly.

Increase Conversion

Showing a broader range of product alternatives increases the chances of a user going on to make a purchase when the current product is either out of stock, or not quite what they are looking for.

Increase Average Order Value

With a greater choice of accessories and compatible items visible on the product page users are more likely to add 'extras' to the basket and build themselves their ideal bundle.

Reduce Friction

By eliminating the need to click through to a related product page to view further information, the product discovery journey feels shorter to the user with much less frustration and no distractions.

Improve the chances of a conversion or a higher value sale by giving users a greater choice of related products. Arrange related products into meaningful groups, and make product discovery simple and easy for all site users.

Create a group, choose the products you want to show and the order you want to show them in, then arrange all of your your groups into your preferred order. You can give each group it’s own unique title, and each group is displayed in it's own own slider row. Rows are stacked on top of each other and appear as a custom block on the product page.


  • Create multiple groups of related products
  • Select the products you want to display in each group 
  • Choose the order in which products are shown in a group 
  • Control the order in which product groups are displayed on the page 
  • Choose your own title for each product group
  • Products displayed in 'responsive' sliders 
  • Allow users to view detailed product information for each related product without leaving the product page (quick view)
  • Allow users to add a related product to basket without leaving the product page 
  • Uses the web fonts from your Bluepark template (can be overridden with custom CSS)
  • Customise the appearance of buttons to match your template
  • Easy to use drag and drop UI
  • Upload SKUs via CSV file
  • Can be used with or without Bluepark’s own related products block
  • Manage all related products from once place, no need to switch between systems
  • Product groups are set on a per product basis
  • Create product group templates for reuse on multiple products

Set up requirements:

- An available product custom field in Bluepark
- A  snippet of code to be added to your template (instructions provided). Real Media can provide this service if you are unsure
- A separate service to customise the quick view window styling is available from Real Media