Advanced Product Bundles

Allow the purchase of product bundles on a product page

Upsells & Cross Sells

£36.00 / month

Recurring and usage-based charges are billed monthly.

Show more ways to but a product

Free up space in your related products block for upsells with a dedicated bundle section designed to show off gift packs and convenient groups of compatible products.

Improve product discovery

Save shoppers the time and energy needed to search for bundle permutations. Keep them on the product page and put every bundle option at their fingertips.

Increase your average order value

Get your shoppers spending more. Attractive bundles displayed with a combined cost saving are a proven way to increase turnover without the need to increase customers. 

Give product bundles greater visibility on your product pages, convert more sales through increased choice, and increase your average order value through improved cross selling.

Instead of taking up valuable selling space in the related products block where you could be recommending similar or higher priced alternatives, group all of your bundles together and display them in their own dedicated bundle block.

Improve the presentation of each bundle by illustrating it as a visual list detailing the items contained within, and optionally display the cost saving achieved by buying the products together in your discounted bundles. Allow users to add a bundle to basket without the need to leave the product page they are already on.


  • Display bundles together in their own section on a product page separate from Bluepark’s Related Products block
  • Select which bundles you want to display in the block and hide those you don’t 
  • Choose the order in which bundles are shown to suit your preference / inventory needs
  • Take advantage of key metrics to help with ordering and visibility including Sell Price, Stock Quantity, Stock Status, Gross Margin, Saving (requires activation of cost price syncing)
  • Can be used to dynamically update the cost price of bundles in Bluepark based on the total cost price of the products contained in the bundle
  • Search through all products to find which products have bundles 
  • Identify which bundles have a negative / positive saving for shoppers to manage which are shown 
  • Choose your own custom title for the bundles section
  •  Each bundle is presented as a visual list of the products it contains
  • Toggle on or off the Stock Status for the bundle
  • Toggle on or off the cost saving the customer would achieve by buying the products as a bundle
  • Allow users to add a bundle to basket without having to leave the product page
  • Uses the web fonts from your template by default (can be overridden with with custom CSS)
  • Customise the appearance of buttons and product cards to match your template
  • Easy to use drag and drop UI
  • Fully responsive html code
  • Bundles are configured on a per product basis
  • Periodic automatic syncing (every 000hrs) with Bluepark can be manually overridden if you make updates to bundles that you want to show on site immediately

Set up requirements / notes:

- An available product custom field in Bluepark
- A snippet of code to be added to your Bluepark template (instructions provided). Real Media can provide this service if you are unsure
- For now, bundles should be created in Bluepark in the usual way